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Birthdate:May 20
User Name/Nick: Zoë
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AIM/IM: W1ndrBoy003
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Character Name: Molly Carpenter
Series: The Dresden Files (Books)
Age: 25
From When?: After Ghost Story

Inmate/Warden: Warden. Molly hasn’t always been on the straight-and-narrow, and is actually on a life or death probation due to some of her previous mistakes. However, her work as Harry’s apprentice has given her a greater appreciation for the Laws and the consequences of her own actions, and she’s working very hard to do the right thing now.
Item: Notebook

Abilities/Powers: Molly is able to use magic to affect the world around her. While not especially strong, she is particularly gifted with the more subtle forms of magic, such as veils and illusions, and has a naturally sensitive touch with it. Even before her training began, she was able to use dangerous and complicated (and illegal) forms of mind manipulation magic in a misguided attempt to help some of her friends.

Molly’s subtle hand with magic means that while her veils and illusions are strong, and she’s sensitive to magic being used around her, she’s not very effective in combat. She doesn’t have the raw power needed for effective offensive spells.

Personality: Molly is a caring young woman, who always tries to do the right thing—an instinct that sometimes gets her into trouble (and—sometimes—gets her out of it, too). She “mothers” Harry, his pets, and her younger siblings, and she cares about people, especially her family and friends. It was this instinct that got her into trouble with the White Council. In using forbidden magic to try to end her friends’ addictions, she broke the Law, and nearly caused irreparable harm, all to try to help them change their lives for the better.

When she found out that she had committed a crime, and had possibly damaged her friends’ minds permanently, however, she was ready to own up and face the music—even though it meant a probably death sentence. She owned up to her responsibility, and instead of death was offered a one-strike parole, and became Harry Dresden’s apprentice, something she takes very seriously.

While she does work hard to keep from repeating her past mistakes, it isn't always easy for her. She is still young and a little impulsive, and the fact that she learned how to use her powers the "easy way" the first time through, makes it more difficult for her to do things the right way now. Especially since the right way often means being slow and methodical. In fact, she is most tempted to use her less ethical powers when they seem like the most efficient way to get things done--like when she read the warden captain's mind to discover who had been tampering with it.

Although she responsible and serious about her studies, Molly has a playful sense of humor. She answers to “Grasshopper,” and calls Harry “boss.” She even uses illusions to change the color of her hair.

Molly’s crush on Harry continues—despite that fact that he—literally—poured cold water over the idea. She’s quieter and less obvious about it now, but she does still hold a torch for him.

Molly is on the Barge because she really truly believes in second chances. She’s been given one, and she thinks that others should have the chance to turn things around as well. She finds the idea of her being a Warden fairly amusing, because—as far as she’s concerned—Harry is the Warden. She’s still just an apprentice. Still, she's hoping that being on her own here will help her to become stronger in her own powers and in her self-discipline. She wants to become a more dependable wizard apprentice--and to not have to worry about her actions bringing the Doom of Damocles down on her and Harry.
Path to Redemption: N/A

History:History on Wikipedia

Special Note: Molly arrived on the Barge with a huge dog called Mouse. Mouse actually belongs to Harry, but as Molly is still an apprentice, he (Mouse) didn't think she should be without supervision.
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